How to Write a Father or Mother of the
Bride Wedding Speech.

By: The Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Bride and Groom.

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How To Write Father Of The Bride and Mother Of The Bride Wedding Speech

Emotions can run high on a day of wedding and  if you would like  to participate in the glorious event, you can do so with the help of a wonderful speech. A lot of people make speeches on the  wedding day, however, if you are looking for the right ingredients that can help you get the right speech as the father of the bride or the mother of the bride, or groom, we are here to help you with writing a memorable wedding speech.

As the father of the bride, you obviously have a lot of good memories to hold on too. It is an extremely special day as you give away your daughter to another man and trust him to take care of your princess. So, you need to make a powerful speech that is replete with the finest emotions and wonderful memories and depicts the inexplicable bond that you share with your own daughter.

So, in order to make an impact speech that shall keep the audiences and especially the bride engrossed, you need to learn the right ways that can make your speech click. The first thing which we would like to state is that as the father or even the mother of the bride, you should try and start the speech with the memories of her birth.

For all parents, the proudest moment of their life is when they hold their own child in their arms for the first time and no pleasure can measure up to the happiness which they feel at that instant of time. So, try and sum up the feelings in words as to what rush of emotion your heart felt on the day of her birth. After you have conveyed your emotions beautifully regarding the day of birth, you need to list the different memories which you have. As parents of the bride, you have witnessed her growth from the angelic baby to the moody teenager and then the beautiful girl and finally the responsible daughter. So, you would definitely have a lot of nice memories to hold on to. You should share some of the most beautiful moments which you have celebrated together and the moments which brought you even closer. Try and revisit the memories of the bygone days with your words and express them in such manner that the love in your words makes people look up at the precious bond with awe, wonder and amazement.

It is not easy to give away your daughter to someone else and trust him completely, but as the parent of the bride, you have no option but to trust the man and thus in your speech, you should try and take your son in law in confidence. You can speak about your expectations from your son in law and the trust that you have in him that he will keep your daughter safe and would love him with all his heart. It is these words which can help in keeping the flame of love flickering and thus ensure that your daughter gets the right dose of happiness and can have a fairytale wedding which she shall forever remember.

So, let the emotions run high and the love for your daughter flow freely in your speech on the big day. The speeches from the mother and father of the bride do not require humor as people know that their heart is bubbling with mixed emotions. Parents are extremely ecstatic at having found the right match for their princess daughters but at the same time, a part of them is sad as they would no longer be able to have their daughters in front of their eyes. So, your wedding speech should be such that it can move people and make them salute the bond of love and affection that ties you with your daughter.

As the mother of the bride, you can mention incidents regarding the shopping of wedding dress or even the wedding shoes and other events related to the wedding. These events may or may not have a trace of humor but the essence of your wedding speech should be treasuring the memories of the good times that you have.

So, revisit all the different memories and make your daughter smile at the rush of moments that shall breeze by her. Pop in  a few words of praise for your son in law as well as he would now be a part of the family too and in then end shower your blessings on the happy couple and give them all your love that can help them in having a happily ever after.

Thus, these are the main points that you need to consider when you are writing your own speech for your daughter’s wedding. It is a big day in her life and by gifting her so many memories, you can ensure that she would have a radiant smile on her face and a bright twinkle in her eyes that echoes the words “I have loved you and shall forever do”.

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