How To Write A Funny Wedding Speech

By: The Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Bride and Groom.

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How To Write A Funny Wedding Speech? by: John Franco

Most people love to hear a funny wedding speech as it keeps them entertained and refreshed as well. If you are wondering how to write a funny speech on your own wedding or even your best friend’s wedding, we will narrate the steps to you.

1. Make sure that you have brilliant opening line that contains lot of humor. It is believed that opening lines of speeches are responsible for setting the tone for your speech. So, if you want to make an impact with your speech such that you can keep everyone interested, you must deliver an interesting opening line. You can pick up a quote that is
hilarious and then explain its reference.

2. The next thing to note is to try and recollect some of the most humorous incidents. I can bet that you must have met some of the most comical situations and this is the right platform to bring out the comedy of such situations. So, try and jot down all those incidents which are responsible for making you laugh. Assemble the different incidents
together in a right draft.

3. After you have assembled the different incidents, you now need to carefully look through them. If the number of incidents is more than 5, you need to pick 5 best ones among them. Remember, people would not bear exceptionally long speeches, so you should know where to draw the line.

4. After you have a collection of a maximum of five hilarious moments, you need to spread them equally in your speech that is you should not narrate all five of them together as the charm of humor would be lost in successive incidents.

5. Separate the five speeches with a few random talks, like commenting on the way you met and the impact of each incident on your life. Also, it is mandatory that you insert a few cheeky lines in between. It is the subtle use of one liner which separates a good speech from a master piece. So, try and insert the right lines at the right places.

6. Poke fun of the so called concept of marriage. This is a dangerous territory. You should make the comments naturally as you need to portray the fact that you are kidding. Remember, you can make fun of the way marriage is classified as absence of freedom, but do not get extremely wild and speak ill of this beautiful culmination of love. Here,
you can make your speech humorous by saying that the days of bachelorhood are now over and so on. You can insert such lines all throughout the speech. Make sure to use quotes as well as you can find a lot of humorous quotes on marriage.

7. Assemble the entire writing in one final draft which is replete with lots of funny incidents, cheeky comments and lines on marriage. Also, if you are preparing a speech as a best man, you can talk of those incidents where the groom became absent minded because he was day dreaming about his girl right in front of his friend circle. A lot of people tend to use these lines, even when the groom had not actually done such a

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