How To Get A Divorce and a Divorce Lawyer

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Ok here you are seeking a divorce from your spouse. After being married for so many years or hours and all the wedding preparations and money all wasted time and energy. Hopefully there are no children involved because then we can call it an expensive relationship and nobody gets hurt.
The real question you should be asking is


Getting or filling for a divorce is as easy as learning how to write your name, all you have to do is pick up a phone and call a divorce lawyer and sign and just sit back and be ready to dish out your entire life savings. But the first question is why are you getting a divorce in the first place? Is it that your sex life is null, you argue, your spouse smells, they don’t brush at night. Seriously, why are you getting divorced? I would be seeking how can I save my marriage.

Many people today fall into the divorce trap and want a divorce war yes a divorce war. They want to be part of the dumb dumb divorce crowd, because their friends did it or their relatives and they want to live that experience. Don't you realize that your next relationship is going to be the same unless you change or surrender your thoughts about how somebody should make you happy? . Stop fighting get along with your spouse, listen call her him forgive them.

Forgiveness is the key and you should do it for your kids. When you forgive you are a better person and are forgiving you kids father or mother.

Is sex really that important? I mean common, is it more important then a child or a teenager or a grandchild not having their grandparents, or parents together. This is more for the men. Would you cheat on your mother if she was not as attractive as when you were a child? Then why cheat on your children's mother? Men grow up show your kids and family you are an honest man and trustworthy.

Divorce is a copout an excuse to get it on with another person, let's be real about this. Especially women with kids in the house who leave their man for another man. Girls have some morals, respect for yourself and your kids family. Remember it takes two to tango. Couples don’t realize that when you say, “I Do.” It means you are making a vow to give up your current life and start a new one with your new spouse. You are now family with them more so than being family with you own parents. You may have children with them and have the same genes as you, like you have with your mother and father. This is your family and as parents nothing should br more important than teaching your kids how to love and respect other each other and other people. When you betray your child's mother or father you are betraying your children and divorcing them too. When you get a divorce you are ready to give up your kids. You will become a part time parent.

Yes you will, don’t argue with me..
When you love and respect your children's biological parent you are giving 100% to your kids. When you divorce your spouse you are taking 25% away from your own kids and when you get into a new relationship or marriage 50%. Your kids will seem strange to you and you to them. They will have the fear of you kicking them out of your life for somebody new. Don’t say “They will understand, They will get used to it.” NO they won't they are kids and you have just carved up their lives... How Dare You... What makes you so important anyway... Get over yourself... Grow up. Be a man a woman...

 Ok You are in an abusive marriage. Your spouse cheats on you or physically abuses you then you should seek a NJ divorce lawyer. But, do you really need a divorce lawyer? you can hire a good paralegal and have them file for you and write arguments for you as long as you can prove them not to be true. A divorce lawyer's job is to argue your case and negotiate a settlement for you.

If you are served divorce papers all you have to do is read the reasons for divorce and answer each argument and have it legally typed typed up and sent to the court. The courts will help you prepare your case. When you are in court and asked to rebuke the charges just answer all the arguments with evidence you have and typed up and you will win your case or argument. Or your spouse will be found to be un-truthful of allegations or their reasons for divorce.

It is rare that a divorce ever goes to trial. As long as you can show your spouse's lawyer evidence that their charges will be rebuked they will settle with you. You will save allot of time and money. If your spouse's attorney wants documents from you send them asap. Go to every court hearing and seek when asked by the judge and just submit evidence to argue your case and the judge will side with you. As long as you can prove your spouses arguments are false their lawyer won't bring it up in court because you have already proven them wrong by sending in the proof that you are right and they are wrong, found in contempt by lying to the court and the judge will side with you.

A good paralegal can prepare all your documents just like a divorce lawyer will, and the court will guide you in the right direction because you are defending yourself without a lawyer. Child support is regulated by the state you live and your income and your ex's income will determine the amount of child support you will have to pay.

Every time you go to mediation bring a tape recorder and place it on the table and tell whoever is at the mediation you are recording it. By recording the hearing you can review and be better prepared the next time you go or you can settle on the first mediation or hearing. Remember the courts are busy and they care about is ending the case. So the sooner you settle the better for the courts.

Don't worry about dumb objects just negotiate with the divorce lawyer about, alimony, and splitting the marital assets. If you say I want the dog they will ask your spouse if that's ok. So a divorce lawyer is just a middle man and until you can both agree on a settlement the divorce will go on and on. Once you agree on a settlement then file for a divorce divorce decree or settlement and you can just submit it to the court.

The best way to get a divorce is by the couple settling with each other and hiring a mediator, paralegal, or attorney to draft up the divorce and each of you will save thousands and keep the money for yourself. Most lawyers are useless they are lazy and just want to settle and charge you thousands and drag out the case to make money for their law firms. You will get billed by a lawyer and you have no proof they actually worked on your car out the days you meet them when you go to mediation or hearings. Don't call your lawyer because they will bill you for every phone call, e-mail, and text.

Before you get a divorce try and save your marriage... You will be happier...

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