How to be a Wedding - Party
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How to be a wedding DJ, MC Disc Jockey.

How to be a wedding DJ, MC Disc Jockey.
Being a DJ is a very important part of any party or wedding event. A DJ must be the life of the party and know what the guests are looking for music, or ask. Modern DJ software and great speakers with a subwoofer is a must. Today the DJ has acquired more hats than in the 90's with the coming of the digital age.
For instance Photographers were the only vendors who could entertain the guests with a slide show, because we had to photograph and print slides and have a slide projector and screen. For sound a boom box or hook up to the DJ booth or Bands sound system was ok.
Today DJ's have light bridges that can hold two TV's and play the slideshow all night. They also have take pictures of guests and playing them on an LCD or Plasma TV's. They can also run a video camera and people can watch themselves have a great time at the wedding, party or event.
A DJ or MC Master of Ceremony can work two wedding in one day or two events like a sweet 16, a Bar Mitzvah, or Christmas party or New Years eve celebration. They have work all year round and can earn from 150.00 for a beginner to 5000.00 for an all out pro with the ability to impress and hire dancers, DJ's MC's etc. Once the party is over the DJ is done. Sell party hats, glasses, lei's, noise makers, etc
A crucial part of being a DJ is knowing how to read, pronounce names and remember names. As a photographer I have seen so many DJ's get all of the above wrong. Soon to be DJ's, MC's and Entertainers, remember it is a one time event no do overs so get it right the first time. Another big no no is the wrong Song wrong Music. Being a DJ is so easy that to be one you have to have your music in order. With DJ software there is no possibility for error. All a DJ needs to do is make a folder and put all the wedding music selected by their clients and rename the songs for the occasion. Like Father of the bride dance, Mother of the groom dance, First Dance. Introductions... Etc. Once the event is over you can simply burn the music on a CD and as a courtesy or fee or event make 25 copies and sell them to the guests for 10.00 each and promote your DJ business at the same time. You can even put cultural music into folders and just click with out searching for a song. If you have no time hire somebody to organize your music selection and spend more time finding work.
A DJ can sell up items that are in a DJ's equipment list. They can sell lights shows, smoke machine, fog machine, TVs these are big money makers and if you sell them right you can earn 1500.00 for 6 hours work and get diner with it.
The best way to get experience is to work for free and do small jobs for free. Don't take on weddings and such big events because you can mess up a brides wedding night by being a bad DJ. Pretend to DJ in your home and play music for 6 hours like you are at real wedding. Or don't take certain jobs leave them for the pros. Mix music at birthday parties or at a local club or bar that never hires an entertainer. Simply say you are interested in learning how to DJ and you would like to entertain the guest for free. If you do a good job and the bar or club sees and increase in sales they may call you back and pay you. You can offer free Karaoke and if you draw crowds you can ask for 150.00 to 500.00 a night for Karaoke nights in bars and clubs.
Another good way to learn how to DJ is look up a DJ and ask to work for free and help them set up and break down and carry their gear. In six months to a year you will be comfortable with people and be able to play the right music, and maybe MC the gig or wedding. If you do a good job you may get a tip or the DJ company may pay you anyway.
You should know how to talk into the Mic and be entertaining and get people off their chairs and dancing the night away whether they are at a wedding or a senior citizen center and if you can get seniors to kiss you, you are on the right track :) Entertaining or MC is the most important part of being a DJ. You must talk clear and not offend anybody and be polite and sound happy even if you are tired, you should leave your problems behind until the party is over. Always smile and do what the caterer asks you.
Another important and crucial part of a wedding or event DJ is knowing what to do at a wedding. The caterers depend on you to make the night go smoothly and announce dinner servings and events that are to take place. DJ's announce the cocktail party is over and the quests should move into the main room and find their seats, the introductions and have a list of all the guests being announced during the wedding introductions, first dance, Bride dances with father, groom dances with mother, time for first course, time for second and main course dinner, cutting of the cake, throwing bouquet and garter, and announce the Venetian hour. OK the reason why the Cake is cut before the garter and bouquet throwing is so the caterer has enough time to cut and serve cake and coffee. DJ should announce the Photographer, Videographer, DJ's staff before they begin, and thank them.
DJ's should introduce themselves and tell the other vendors on events taking place because if the DJ does not let the vendors know the bride and groom may lose out and this is why everybody at the wedding or event should be informed of events. As a photographer I can't tell you how many times I am asked by the DJ what to do and when to do it.
Before you jump into spending big bucks on being a DJ learn how to use and Ipod. Get work experience by working free for the first year, and ask to see friends wedding videos to listen and watch the dj's work a wedding or party and even any event.

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