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Article By: John Franco

  Finding a job as an LPN, RN or BSN in the medical field is a challenge in today's health care field. Nursing is a diverse profession and a rewarding one. Nurses are required to function as many different aspects in a hospital, medical office, health care center, nursing home etc.

A Nurses single most critical duty is to provide safety. Bedside comfort is also a required duty of any Nurse. A Nurse should be caring to the family and friends of their patients. This gives the patient a sense of comfort and safety and can aide in the the healing process. A patient will rely on the charge nurse to protect them (Making sure the bed rail are up and the room is safe etc.) and care for their needs weather in the ER, or Maternity floor. A Nurses duty is to be sure there patients are safe and looked after and once the patient is safe and secure the floor Nurse can assist the patient in medicating them and following Dr's orders for the recovery and comfort of the hospitals patients.

List Of Nursing Professions: Start a Rewarding Career in Nursing.

  • BSN Nurse
  • RN Nurse
  • LPN Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurses Aide
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Room Nurse
Nurse With Nursing Degree

The above job titles that are listed are some of the most sort after nursing jobs related to nursing skill levels offered by online nursing courses and online nursing colleges. Weather you are an LPN, RN or new, a career in nursing is a good step.

When a Nurse enrolls in and nursing programmer weather it is to take one in class as an LPN or RN degree or proceeding a BSN or RN as an LPN, and there are many nursing positions and jobs available in the medical nursing field. A Nurse can enroll in a 12 month LPN course or a two or four year degree course at a local community or four year degree college.

All Nursing programs have the same basic function and it is to tend to the needs of there patients proscribes by an MD or Medical Doctor assigned to a single critical care partition or from 3 to 10 patients depending their medical and physical needs. Nursing colleges prepare there students for these tasks by enrolling nursing students in clinical courses. These clinical courses are classes and a prerequisite college and courses. Nursing clinical give the training Nurse to get a hands on in the hospital and a chance to hone in their bedside manners. This is an opportunity for an eager to be nurse to see if nursing is really for them.

Nurses must have a good memory and be detailed oriented. Because when a nurse is caring for 10 patients they must remember to do many tasks before giving care and medication. the first thing a nurse must do when entering a patient's room is check to see the patient is ok and then wash their hands not to spread germs. Washing hands is critical for the health of the nurse is a care giver and the patients they are in charge of.

They must know how to read Dr' d charts and write notes on the chart as for the condition of their patient, so when the Dr. examines them they have an idea of their health in progress. Also a nurse must know that patients are on medication and can be lethargic. A nurse's duty is critical to the patient because they are on the front lines for the hospital and the Dr. s

If you are interested in starting a challenging career as an LPN, RN, BSN Nurse Practitioner. Review the many resources you have like finding the right Nursing programmer or college to take online or classroom courses. A good way to see if you like nursing is to become an EMT, or nurses Aide or take care of an elderly person you know and get training in home care. Read nursing articles and volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home and watch the nurses perform their duties and see how they interact with their patients. It is a good idea to see how patients take their medication and how the nurses and Dr's ask them how to take them.

Take notice of the patients condition and ask the nurse or nurses aide to assist them in bedside side care ask to see the patients being, dressed and bathed because these are the duties expect by all health care professionals on a daily basis. If the hospital or nursing home or medical office you are volunteering at thinks you have what it takes to be a Nurse then they may sponsor you and contact you to go to a nursing college or course.

Hospitals and Nursing homes sometimes have their own nursing courses, schools and programmers and can put you ahead of a waiting list if they see you have what it takes and are dedicated in providing health care to their patients. Thank you for reading our nursing article and visiting our nursing web page. Good luck in your nursing career.

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