Prenup Prenuptial Agreement

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Signing A Marriage Prenuptial Agreement

Signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage who should sign one and who should not bother even considering a pre nup. There are many people who waste time and money on a pre nup and hire a prenup lawyer to draft up the paperwork. Should you have a pre marriage pre nup or should you just cross your fingers and hope you never get a divorce, and need a divorce lawyer.

Who need a prenup? Do you need a pre nup? Should i get a prenup. Should I sign a prenup?

These are many questions engaged couples ask or before proposing for marriage. A prenup is not for everyone but certain people. Who are these people seeking a prenuptial agreement that really need one.

A prenup is a good marriage contract it protects individuals and couples from financial break down and having to fork over your life saving to somebody who cheated on you or treated you poorly. Remember men and women child support is regulated by the state you live in and of time of your divorce or separation.

If you are ready for marriage and you are in love and trust the person you are with and are ready to surrender your heart to them and treat them as if they were your family and plan on have kids with them. You are sure they feel the same way as you and your love is guaranteed to last forever because you both have surrendered your current way of life and interaction with the world you know it. You have surrendered your hearts to each other because you both know your new world is the world of love and respect and marriage. You both know that the person you marry is your other half. you will do nothing with out asking your new spouse. Ok then who needs a pre nup?

We all need a prenup because if both of you don't realize that marriage is a contract designed by lawyers to be imposed by the state you live in. The only reason you need to sign a marriage licence is to get benefits and be recognized by the state as being legally bound to each other. this way you can share benefits, and file married on your taxes.

So who should waste time thinking of a prenup? If you and your soon to be wedding partner are in the same financial positions then you don’t need a prenup, or a prenup lawyer. If you both have nothing but cars and cell phone 5,000 to 10,000 each and you intend on both working and saving together and building it all together then you don’t need a prenup. Because the state will force you to either split everything 50/50 or after 5/10/20 years of marriage give everything to the woman of the marriage especially if there are kids involved and any decent man would not want their kids living in the street anyway. So if you have to give everything to your spouse and each of you had nothing then you lost nothing. But after being married 5/10/20 years what's the point of getting a divorce only to end up in some other relationship that you are not happy with. So the best advice is love the one you're with and make yourself happy and you will be happy and so will your spouse.

On the other hand, if you are going to marry a person who is less financially rich then you you need a prenup and a prenup lawyer. If you are older and have worked your whole life or are from a well to do family and your soon to be bride or groom is poor then you need a prenup. If they won't sign a prenup then don’t sign the marriage licence. See you have more to lose then they will because you are the one with the financial ability. You will be the one dishing out all your hard earned money in the divorce, and wind up broke like your partner before marriage and they will have all your money and spend it on a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Before you are considering marriage ask your soon to be spouse to see their finances. and ask them to sign a prenuptial agreement or contract. This will give you a peace of mind and take out any idea of them trying to take your money. The best advice is to get marriage insurance and it may seem expensive but if you are going to pay a divorce lawyer thousands to divorce you then marriage insurance is cheap.

So remember marriage is a time to surrender your life style and accept the person you're with and not complain when they do stupid things because men are men and women are women. Men must treat their women with love and respect because they are sensitive and need to know they can trust you. If you are a good man and love your wife and your kids then don’t lust after other women. All women change looks after kids etc. so did your mom did you stop loving her, did you go out to hook up with another mom? So respect your wife and ladies respect your man because you are family...

A list of reasons to get a prenup or a prenuptial agreement

  • Anyone entering into marriage who is concerned of the laws.
  • Anyone who is remarrying;
  • Anyone concerned about protecting the assets of children from a prior marriage;
  • Anyone who has a financially dependent parent;
  • Business owners, particularly of professional practices and particularly those with business partners, because a spouse effectively becomes a silent partner in the business;
  • Anyone with significant separate property in states where a spouse is entitled to a share of income from separate property.
  • Anyone whose intended spouse has significant premarital responsibilities, such as alimony, child support, or tax obligations.
  • Anyone cautious enough to prefer a written record of the ownership of assets to avoid confusion in the future from creditors or other family members.

How to get a divorce.

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