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A Wedding Cake Topper

The History of the Wedding Cake Topper


Everyone looks forward to their wedding day. What a glorious and beautiful occasion, often symbolized by the wedding cake. Small, medium, or large, single layer or 3-Tier, the happy couple are often looking for a way to make this cake "unique". Enter the humble (or not-so-humble) wedding cake topper. This simple idea has certainly grown and evolved over the years. In this article we will be defining wedding cake toppers, describing some of the modern ones, and examining the history behind them.

So, just what is a "wedding cake topper"? Formally speaking, a wedding cake topper is a small figure or model, often made from light-weight plastic or acrylic, that sits on top of a wedding cake. Traditionally it depicts the bride and groom, often dressed in gown and tux.

With the description out of the way, where did they come from? We have no exact records to verify the first time that someone put a figure or model on top of this special cake, but do know that the tradition dates back to well over 100 years ago.

One possible scenario is described in the following story... The daughter of a baker was getting married, and she wanted to figure out something that would be unique...a symbol of the love that she shared with her future husband. She asked her dad to think of something, and being a baker, he came up with the idea of putting two small figurines on top of the cake he was making for the glorious day. One of these figures would depict his daughter, and the other, his future son-in-law.

Let's fast forward to our "almost" modern day, the 1950's. This was the time of Elvis and roller derby. The future "baby boomers" were being born and growing up, and the "topper" was as popular as ever. Sadly Elvis has passed on, but it looks like the "topper" is here to stay. With the modern era new styles and versions have emerged. For example, today you can get toppers where the bride and groom are of different races, and same sex wedding toppers as well.

A cottage industry of "humorous" toppers has taken off. In one figure, the bride has the groom's leg and is dragging him back to the wedding altar. In another model, he is trying to run away, but she grabs him by the collar to stop his escape.

You can also get "personalized" toppers...with initials of the bride and groom, or a photo, or even a special saying, such as: "Two Hearts Beating as One". Article Source:

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