How to find a Job in the Wedding Industry & Business

Get a Job as a: Photographer, Videorapher, Consultant, Planner, Coordinator, Florist, DJ, Limousine, Caterer.

Resources on how to find a job or start your own business and get training and an education in a college or trade school.

By: John Franco

 Finding a job or starting a business in the wedding industry is very competitive and profitable. There are many business or jobs you can train for as a wedding vendor. Some of these jobs can be learned in a week to taking a year or a few years to become an expert for that job title. Some of the jobs and business one can seek are listed below.

Job Title & Business: Weddings

  • Wedding Photographer
  • Wedding album Designer
  • Wedding Videorapher
  • Video Editor
  • Florist / Floral Arranger
  • Caterer / Banquet Manager
  • Chef / Cook / Pastry Chef
  • Maitre D / Waiter / Guest Host
  • Limousine Driver / Bus Driver
  • Tailor / Seamstress
  • Writer / Calligrapher
  • Wedding Coordinator, Planner, Consultant
  • Bridal Gown Shop
  • Tuxedo Rental
  • Speech writer
  • DJ / Dee Jay / Disc Jockey
  • Wedding Musician  / Wedding Singer
  • Wedding Band / Wedding Orchestra
  • Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist / Nail Technician
  • Wedding Officiant

   The above listed are some of  the main job titles related to wedding services. One must have enough skill and experience to do many of these jobs because a wedding is a one day event and the service or job must be completed right the first time.

   There are many trade schools and Colleges that can train you in any one of these fields and you will be able to get out into the workforce as a wedding vendor. As a photographer you can apply for an online, or college course to teach you the photography skills needed to photographing and to understand the theory of digital cameras, flash, and lighting, and the same is for  a videorapher Once you have the technical skills as a photographer and videorapher you should then get on the job training with a local wedding studio, wedding photographer or online course and even attend wedding photography seminars and trade shows. Don’t be afraid to freelance for free and trail a wedding photographer and or videorapher is to assist the pros and in a year or two you may have learned enough to shoot your own wedding.

   As a Chef or Cook you can go to culinary school or college and get a degree in the culinary arts. Or you can find a job in a catering hall or restaurant and in time learn the skills from the top  Chefs and Cooks in your area. I suggest if you decide to get on the job training, you should  work in different restaurants for at least 6 months at a time to learn different cooking styles and techniques.  Pastry Chefs play an important role in the wedding industry because they make fabulous wedding cakes and pastries. Remember if you have no experience don’t be afraid to work for free in a good restaurant under a master Chef or Cook because a culinary school can cost up to 20,000 plus and can take six months or more, and you will still make minimum wages and as an apprentice and may be  paying back high student loans to pay for these trade schools and colleges.

  If you have decided to seek employment or start your own business in the wedding industry there are many fields you can pursue and earn a good living in or be your own boss. Start by researching the net and blog's and reading books and even trying the field out hands on you are interested in the most and see if you like it. Click on the links below for more information on wedding trades and how to become one in the field you like. Or you can email me with any questions you may have.

How To Be A Wedding Photographer

a wedding photographer should have the ability of shooting a traditional and photojournalistic wedding. this way you are covered and your Bride (customer) will love your work and ability to work fast and keep a good pace until you know you have what it takes to design a 35 spread 70 page album.

On Line Photography Degree

How To Select A Photography Course Online Or In Classroom?
Photography is one of those professions that require specific skills and acumen, and this is something that should be understood before you join a professional photography course. In other words, for taking a professional course, you must be able to relate to this subject and feel passionate about pursuing photography as a successful career option. After all there is nothing better than working with something that you love although it is not easy to transform your passion into reality. For instance, photography is a demanding profession that may require working for long and erratic hours. However, when it comes to pursuing a passion, you should try to overlook these factors and pay attention to the nuances of this profession. In fact, for a successful photographer nothing succeeds like success.

How To Photograph

Photographs are the simplest and hardest art form to accomplish. As an mom wanting to photography a baby or a loved ones, getting the shot is every thing because kids like to move around. this is why it is critical to know how to photograph good pictures and know how to compose your subject.

How to be a Wedding DJ

Being a DJ is a very important part of any party or wedding event. A DJ must be the life of the party and know what the guests are looking for music, or ask. Modern DJ software and great speakers with a sub woofer is a must. Today the DJ has acquired more hats then in the 90's with the coming of the digital age.

How To Be A Wedding Planner, Consultant, Coordinator

These days a lot of people are opting for the field of wedding consultancy. If you too want to join the field, there are a lot of things that you need to know before that. We will help you learn the basic ways before you can become an excellent wedding consultant.

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