How to be a Wedding Coordinator, Planner, Consultant.

By: The Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Bride and Groom.

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How To Be A Wedding Consultant, Coordinator, Planner,

These days a lot of people are opting for the field of wedding consultancy. If you too want to join the field, there are a lot of things that you need to know before that. We will help you learn the basic ways before you can become an excellent wedding consultant.

Weddings need a lot of different arrangements. There are a lot of festivities and functions that are involved. When people hire a wedding consultant, they hope that these consultants will carry out all the work and execute the different preparation strategies to the finest.

You need to learn about the different wedding etiquettes which can help you in attending the different guests in the right manner and this will ensure that your reputation as a consultant will grow and thus you will get more clients.

A lot of consultants help their clients in finding the right wedding photographer who knows the detail of the right ways of clicking the pictures of the different events such that the bride and groom will have one of the finest wedding album which they would love to see time and again.

You need to read a lot of wedding planner books to get an idea of the different arrangements which you need to do and what is trending in and what is out. You also need to learn the basics of floral arrangements and the floral patterns which are in vogue. If you are aware of all the trending fashionable arrangements, your clients are likely to be impressed and rope you in when they decide to exchange the vows. So, if you are willing to maximize your business as a wedding consultant, you need to put in your best effort and strive hard to excel in the type of arrangement that you can provide. Keep exploring the different details and grow your staff because you would need a lot of helping hands to ensure that you can carry out all your assigned duties with perfection.

You also need to have a list of the finest caterers and other people that you would need. These include musicians, florists, and designers and so on. You should keep a lot of names in your list and make sure that you have a good rapport with them such that you can always have someone to rely on if you have a time crunch for some extremely important wedding. This way you can give your clients the best service and speedily too. This process can go a long way in bettering your reputation and thus helping you make a good career for yourself.

So, in order to excel in this field you need to be aware of the right way to make a lot of contacts with different people whose services you may use while arranging for the weddings. If you can help the bride and the bridesmaids with their shopping and provide help such that they can buy the wedding dress, you would always score a lot of extra points because brides can be extremely choosy when it comes to wedding dress and help in this section is always welcomed.

Also, you need to have a lot of wedding cards layout as well. You should provide your clients with the different layouts that you have chosen and make sure that the layouts are beautifully prepared such that they can enjoy them thoroughly. It is extremely crucial that you learn to be flexible in your approach. It is not your wedding that you would be attending and thus your clients would surely give you their opinion. You have no right to force your scheme upon others even if it is better. So, if the bride is adamant about having a certain themes decoration, you should make space for that. Obviously, you can try to mold her opinion if you think you have a better plan, but do not impose your ideas as flexibility is one of the necessary virtue when it comes down to being an efficient wedding consultant and planner. People will like to look at your ideas but there is no assurance that they would absolutely love them. So, the smart thing to do is to try and adjust to the needs and demands of the clients.

Also, as a wedding planner, you must be aware of the different venues, caterers and photographers that can help in making the moment beautiful and then ensuring that the memories of the day remain etched as well. The music that fills the room on the auspicious day of union of two souls in love is of paramount significance. So, make sure that you know some of the best musicians and dj's who have the knowledge and experience. Obviously, experienced musicians and dj's are required because the symphony which they play should touch the hearts of the audience and help them in feeling the brush of love.

Thus, there are a lot of things that you need to know and execute them to the finest as well. It is not easy to be a successful consultant when it comes down to weddings but it is worth trying. You can work for some successful consultants as an assistant to gain work experience and an inside look into the way things function and then try your own hands at it.

Also, you must price your services at justified prices. If you are an amateur in the field, you may have to slash the price a bit as people would not like to opt for a novice with sky rocketing prices. There is always a provision for increasing the rates once you are an established consultant or coordinator.

Remember, the stakes are high on the wedding day as it is an extremely important day in the life of a lot of people including the bride and groom and even the father of the bride and all other close relatives. So, you cannot afford to make any wrong move as the consequences can be disastrous. So, these are the different areas where you need to be careful and once you have mastered the skills, you should be able to manage a lot of different wedding events with ease.

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