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Experience John is a working New Jersey, New York and Tri State Area professional freelance photographer since 1991. With over 500 events to his credit, John has the experience to help make your wedding day be fun and go smoothly. His easy-going style will help you and your guests feel comfortable while John and his team document your special day.

Team Approach
To make your celebration day even more special, John is assisted with care at all weddings and events by experienced photographers and videographers. John's Photographers and Videographers have been working with him for over 10 years. They focuses on shooting candid photographs throughout the wedding and reception and event, and assist our clients on their special day. Our Photographers and Videographers makes sure that you receive images and video footage of your guests with a photojournalistic approach.

Our photography and video styles are captured using a mixture of photojournalism and traditional wedding photography. During the pre-wedding consultation we ask the couple to give us their vision of how they want their wedding photographed. We feel that it's ultimately up to our clients to express how they would like their final wedding and event album and video to look. Many of our clients leave this up to us, but we pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating. During your event we will photograph and video your memories with care and attention to detail and photograph and video document as a portable portrait studio and also unobtrusively to bring you the best photography and video. You will receive up to 2,000 composed and candid previews from us. Your images will be yours to keep of which could be used in your final album. Proper lighting and composition will be present in each of your final images.


Camera Equipment
We use professional camera equipment, Mainly in digital format. I believe in today's event coverage digital is the format for photojournalism and on location portrait photography on the go. We bring a full set of back-up equipment including flashes, lens, batteries, etc.

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new jersey wedding photographer new york nyc
new jersey wedding photographer new york nyc
new jersey wedding photographer new york nyc

909.875.3868 e-mail
Wedding & Portrait Photography Studio is located in Clarksburg, NJ

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